About Wealth Gathering

Wealth Gathering LLC is an innovative financial fitness program designed to empower its members to achieve life goals by practicing good financial habits on a continuous basis.

Wealth Gathering is real finance for real people! We encourage you to make wise financial decisions through coaching, online tools and peer support within a dynamic social application suited for today's busy individual. We also make personal finance simple and straightforward by cutting through jargon. Clear, easy-to-understand language provides only what the average person needs to know.

Our approach is new and refreshing because it integrates sound money management principles with the study of human nature. Traditional money management methods and widely accepted economic principles emphasize getting the numbers right. In contrast, by leveraging our knowledge of social influences and behavioral economics, we’re able to take human nature into account as well. The numbers and your behavior work together for long-term financial health.

Trustworthy Advice

We’re committed to serving you because we’re paid only by you. Unlike some organizations, we do not sell stocks, annuities or insurance policies. We will not accept referral fees or take commissions or kickbacks for recommending financial products of any kind. Therefore, the advice you receive from us is unbiased.

Your success is of utmost importance to us. Low fees combined with trustworthy advice help you achieve your goals quickly.

Our straightforward, affordable approach includes instruction for the self-management of investments as well as the option of professional management. An SEC Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), Wealth Gathering adheres to a fiduciary standard, so our every intention is to act in your best interests.

Our Mission

Trustworthy, reasonably priced financial advice and coaching are essential for everyone. Unfortunately, many people are prevented from seeing a top-quality, reliable financial advisor because they lack a large investment portfolio. Good financial advice—from comprehensive financial planning to assistance with specific questions or habits—can be expensive and difficult to find.

You deserve success, not a sales pitch or unaffordable fees. The Wealth Gathering mission is to ensure that people from all walks of life have access to top-quality, reasonably priced financial advice and money-management coaching. We make personal finance fun by providing a positive, encouraging online experience you can access at any time. We’re committed to building a supportive online community that helps a growing number of members.

We believe no one should be prevented from gaining the knowledge and ability to build wealth and achieve personal goals. Therefore, we provide top-notch financial program even to those with a small or nonexistent investment portfolio.


Michael Goldman has been interested in investing and the behavioral underpinnings of the market for many years. His college studies included an honors thesis on the relationship between consumer sentiment and stock market price movements, as well as a master's degree that extended his research.

However, Michael’s vision—and the vision that drives Wealth Gathering—is to give average, everyday people the information and tools to identify their goals and use money to help achieve them. The Wealth Gathering program is the product of Michael's behavioral finance, coaching and Web technology expertise. The driving force behind the program is a passion to assist others.