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Once Upon an Emergency Fund

EmFundEmergencies are no picnic. There’s nothing like the dismay, panic and anxiety, followed by that rush of adrenaline to solve the problem. No solution can mean double the emergency. With finances, unfortunately one emergency often leads to another. A single emergency can be a huge setback for your financial freedom—unless you’re prepared.

What do you do in an emergency? Call 911. This blog helps you set up a “911 fund” that will be there when you need it.



Should I Try Investing on My Own?

mustachekidYou might be familiar with the ancient maxim “Know thyself.” Often when we’re on the fence about an important decision, people will say, “Only you know yourself well enough to decide.” That’s frustrating! However, it helps to get plenty of facts so you can see how your personality, preferences and strengths relate to your choices. Today’s blog gives you information from my experience to help you determine if you should handle your own investments.

This is the sequel to my blog How Do I Know if I’m Ready to Invest? If you’re considering investing or ready to begin, or if even you’ve already started, read on for important pros and cons for being a do-it-yourself (DIY) investor.



That’s So Money: Things You Thought You’d Never Do Edition

Nicole Ouellette and Alice Kaiserian will be a monthly contributors to the Wealth Gathering blog with a column we like to call ‘That’s So Money.’ Think of this blog as combining personal finance and social media in a fun frenzy of usefulness and entertainment. 

Usually, at some point when you were younger, you said you’d ‘never’ do something. As you get older though, you find yourself saying it less and less. This is probably because you never know what you’ll end up doing. Life is full of gray areas and things you never thought you’d do.

My example? I never thought I’d get married. I don’t mean this in a sad, petting my ten cats alone and crying every night way... I just mean I never thought I’d do it. (Please enjoy the picture of my supposed cats... as you see, I would actually be far from sad to have these kittens around!)

Then two weeks ago, my boyfriend proposed. And I said yes and there went ‘never’. We all have unexpected things come up and disrupt our ‘never’, some good and some bad.I thought it might be fun to look at some personal finance related things people say they’ll never do and find current blogs posts about them from bloggers we like. (It actually was pretty easy to do!)

I will never...move back in with my parents.
With the economic reality of a struggling economy, some recent graduates are in the situation of living with their parents again either as they get into the work force or move home to help out with bills in their family. There is an excellent post on MoneyCrashers about keeping the peace when this happens: