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That’s So Money: Summer Slacking Edition


iStock 000016945589XSmallSummer can get the best of anyone, even those of us normally considered ‘on top of it’. Something about the heat frying your brain and the long days that give you that false sense of endless time to be able to do it all later...

In any case, this time of year, I can occasionally forget to return a library book or otherwise do something that needs to get done. But financially, I have set myself up to slack by automating payments, being on a budget, and taking the time to take care of myself.

Personal finance bloggers are all about this idea of not thinking all money all the time. They slack too! Here’s some of their best advice from this past month:

Some Quick Links About Health and Fitness by More Than Money

So while I might be an occasional summer slacker, it’s really important in general not to slack off on 1) money or 2) health. If both those things are working in your life, it makes a huge difference. And if you are wondering about what people are talking about related to wellness (paleo diet and seven minute workouts), this blog post is a great summary.

Simple Money Management Tips That Anyone Can Use by Engineer Your Finances

I’m all about sticking to a budget and automating finances (this blog gives a short but great case for both- think good script material if you have to justify any of these to your partner) but I think I might need to stick ‘check credit reports’ in my Google Calendar as something to do once a year.

How to Kick Your Bad Money Habits by Gen X Finance

There are some big and small ideas in this blog post but the biggest underlying idea is that everyone has some fat in their budget that they can cut out (Charissa’s is apparently computer programs and bottled water). Sure entertainment is a part of all budgets but seeing her specific ideas about water and software made me think about what my two things would be. Might need to ask for some outsider perspective on that one!

Maximize Your Time, Maximize Your Money by MoneyNing

This article was the inspiration for this post, since it focused on productivity. In part because of it, I finally cleaned out my email (from over 4,000 messages down to 30) and started religiously using my project management system to track small but critical milestones for projects at work. Because I’ve been so productive there, I’ve felt less bad slacking in my free time this summer but I do realize I might need to bring these ideas home.

I hope you are spending some time slacking this summer. It’s important to do and if you listen to the advice of your favorite personal finance bloggers, is actually possible to do without getting into too much trouble. Now if only I could tell this to my local librarian...