How It Works

How It Works

Is managing your money a chore you avoid? Does your financial life need a personal trainer? You’re not alone!

Welcome to Wealth Gathering, a financial fitness program with expert guidance, peer support, online tools and inspiring goals. Our easy-to-use social app helps you get serious about attaining short-term and long-term financial success—and have fun doing it!

Now you can use money to help achieve the life you want. Our supportive online community will inspire you to accomplish life goals that are important to you. We help you get started by choosing a meaningful goal that really motivates you. An easy 10-minute check-in lets you track your progress toward that goal each month on your My Wealth dashboard.

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Make Good Choices

By making good choices, you achieve financial goals sooner. Wealth Gathering uses clear financial guidance, personalized challenges and community support to help you make smart choices with your money every day.

We believe in the “no-budget” way! You track your saving, not your spending. Unlike budgeting software you may have used, there’s no need to count and categorize every dime. You only update a few numbers each month. Your financial fitness level increases as you accumulate the benefits of good habits.

Enjoy Getting Financially Fit

With Wealth Gathering, you’ll look forward to money management:

  • Get a big-picture view of where your finances stand today
  • Set meaningful life goals that are incentives for financial fitness
  • Track your progress toward achieving your goals
  • Use peer support to help improve your financial habits
  • Seek motivation from your social network when you get discouraged
  • Try our Leaderboard for some friendly competition

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Keep Your Financial Details Confidential

Your profile page has a log of wealthy habits you’ve built, financial challenges you’ve overcome and goals you’ve reached. Your profile page is also the hub for sharing your goals, progress and achievements with other members and your friends on Facebook and Twitter.

However, financial details are not revealed on your profile. All your financial information is kept secret on your My Wealth page. We know privacy and security are important. Therefore, points—not dollar figures— show your progress publicly.

Join the Fun!

Congratulations! You’ve found a fresh approach to personal finance. Wealth Gathering is different because we focus on changing behavior, not just tracking numbers. We use proven techniques from the behavioral sciences, so we know what makes people tick when it comes to money.

Are you ready to explore a social app focused on living more, managing money better and actually enjoying the process? Now’s your chance to try Wealth Gathering for free! Request an invite by providing your email in the box at the top-right of this page.